One of the questions I get asked most about going vegan is probably, “What do you eat?” People generally think that eating vegan is both more expensive and more time-consuming. This lazy and cheap college student is going to prove them wrong! In honor of starting my third year in college and one year as a vegan, I’ve made a list of some of the staples I always reach for when in a pinch.

Grocery list

Now that you have the master list, there are still some tips and tricks I have to offer.
Here are 10 things to become the cheapest vegan you’ll ever meet:
  1. ALWAYS buy in season. Because no one’s about to spend $4 on 15 blueberries.
  2. Bananas are your friend (because they’re cheap and delicious). Use them to your advantage. Freeze ’em, eat ’em, blend ’em.
  3. Rule of thumb: Don’t buy produce over around $1.50/lb. Heck, I only buy the ones that are $0.99/lb.
  4. Buy frozen. Some of my favorite frozen veggies are corn, peas, and cauliflower.
  5. Get only what you need. Make a sample meal plan. A.K.A don’t go crazy and buy everything off this list and then have to throw everything away.
  6. Buy in bulk. Costco is my life. They sell like a year supply of rolled oats for $7 and 10 lbs of potatoes for $5.
  7. If you can’t buy in bulk, Aldi is a great off-brand store. Nobody needs to shop at Marsh. Or Whole Foods for that matter.
  8. Shop the deals. Use the coupons. Get the store member’s card thingy or use someone else’s.
  9. No pre-cut/pre-packaged crap. You are better than that. I believe in you.
  10. Create a budget. It’s all too easy to go overboard and buy a bunch of novelty vegan food products (which aren’t that great for you honestly).

Happy shopping!