When I had first arrived in Madrid, carne (meat) and cerveza (beer) immediately became my first and only impression. Seeing jamonerías (meat/ham shops) literally on every corner with whole hams hanging in the window didn’t help too much either. I’m not going to lie, but I thought I would be eating bread every day for lunch (although the bread here is very delicious).

But no worries! I typed in “comida vegana” in Yelp and I kid you not, about 20 vegan/vegetarian restaurants popped up all within a walking distance of 1 mile from the apartment of my home stay in Embajadores.

We settled on Oveja Negra… and it was the best decision ever.


Oveja Negra is a 100% vegan tavern located in a multicultural and eccentric neighborhood called Lavapiés.

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I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I find 100% vegan restaurants, a little part of me just dies with excitement. Here we have the incredible and incredibly cheap menu.

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We actually thought the plates were going to be tapas since it was so cheap and decided to order 4 plates for 2 people! Little did we know they were going to be HUGE plates but we still cleaned every single plate AND ordered dessert.

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We ordered:

  • Rollo de espinacas, hummus, tomate seco y pepino: Spinach, hummus, sundried tomato & cucumber roll
  • Tosta de tofu ahumado con pesto de almendras y rúcula: Tofu toast with almond pesto and arugula
  • Sándwich de seitán con salsa de mostaza y frutos secos: Seitan sandwich with mustard and nuts
  • Hamburguesa de garbanzos y remolacha con cebolla carmelizada: Garbanzo burger with caramelized onion remoulade

The spinach roll is a light and healthy option was still amazing. However, my absolute favorite item we ordered was the burger. I can’t even describe it but the caramelized onion remoulade tastes even better than it sounds. And for only 5€? You can’t beat that.

The seitan sandwich was a little off for me, as I’m not the biggest fan of seitan. Still ate it all though. My least favorite item was the tofu toast, mostly because of the amount of oil on it. I mean, you could see and taste it. One of the things I definitely need to get used to here in Spain is the amount of oil they put in the foods!

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Last but not least: dessert. We went for Oveja Negra’s namesake. The Oveja Negra is a espresso with vegan whipped cream (lots of it), chocolate, and chocolate sprinkles. COME FREAKING ON. I was in heaven the entire time. Just look at that. LOOK AT IT. The check only came up to 20.50€ (+no tipping here!) for FOUR plates of food with dessert which is a definite plus.

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“As long as the long permits animal oppression, it was be necessary to disobey it.”

Overall, this tavern is one of the best, cheapest, and most progressive places I’ve been to. There are cool vegan posters (as well as many other issues) and a very chill vibe in this place. The only downside is that it might me a little too chill and progressive for me personally. It is similar to so-called “hipster” places back in the States and with that came a nagging feeling that you don’t belong. With that being said, I would still go back in a heartbeat.

The dining out culture is very different here in Spain as the waiters are paid hourly instead of by table. With that said, you can literally stay there as long as you want. Also, tipping is considered strange here so the service is a lot more lax. Definitely speak up if you want something, because they’re not going to check up on you!

I’m definitely very excited to go back to Oveja Negra and try more of the dishes as well as explore other vegan restaurants here in Madrid. Of course, I will be posting all my experiences here as well! Hasta pronto amigos!