With the flight, adjusting to the Madrileño schedule, hours of orientation, going out Friday AND Saturday night all in less than a week, needless to say, I am completely beat. Our señora at the homestay insists that our desayuno be no later than 10:15 am and I would probably starve otherwise, so I’ve had a problem with getting much sleep. On top of that, I was barely drinking any water since we were always out. And from a formerly sleep-spoiled, water-loving student, I was running on fumes by Sunday.

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Today was a free day to explore the city, so we finally managed to get out of the piso at 4 pm, hit up a frutería, and took the metro to Parque del Retiro for a nice “fruitnic” as I would call it. The produce here is killer and the fruits were incredibly sweet & cheap.


I brought my DSLR to practice some photography and was reminded on how much of a newb I was. I tried to play around with the settings a bit, but ended up using “Auto” and then eventually switching to my iPhone. If someone out there reads this, please take pity on me and teach me your photography ways. I did manage to get a semi-acceptable shot of Shelby and Chande with our fruitnic. I felt very artsy and no one could tell I didn’t know what I was doing!


This one wasn’t too bad either. *pats self on back* It helps that they are just so naturally photogenic, right?


We sat there and talked as the sun set and ate our fruit. It was amazing and I definitely needed a chill day like this to recharge. After the sun set, it was getting a little too cold, so we decided to take a walk around and hopefully stumble upon a cafe so we could mooch off of their heat and aseo.


On our viaje to a cafe, we stumbled upon this beautiful puerta against the sunset and I just had to be a tourist for a second and snap a photo in the middle of the street. Apparently this is called the Puerta de Alcalá or “Citadel Gate” and happens to be quite a historical monument.


After walking around like freshman on a new campus, we finally found a perfect little cafe. All of the cafes here are the most adorable places. I just had a normal tea with sugar, but the warmth and tiny amount of caffeine was definitely needed. Everyone was basically falling asleep by now so we decided it was time to call it a day and return home.


On our way to the Banco de España metro stop, we stumbled across another neat little building. This “REFUGEES WELCOME” sign was so incredibly refreshing and I think this is something America needs to take note of. *cough* Trump *cough*

Once classes start and I actually need to be actively searching for my own piso, I will definitely not have as much free time, so I’ll just be relaxing and seeing as much as I can for now. Hasta luego!