I am probably a month overdue on blogging and so so many things have happened. I keep saying that a week here equates to almost a whole semester back home. It´s just been such an amazing time eating out, travelling, and just enjoying my time here with people that blogging has been put on the back burner.

So, what better time to catch up than a Thursday night, equipped with my guac and chips?!

#selfie in Toledo to start off the blog 

The first trip included in the program was Toledo, a historic city just about an hour´s bus ride from Madrid. We learned something about it in my Culturas de España class but I really don´t remember what the professor said. I think it was pretty important though, so Wikipedia might be a good place to start.


My initial thought about going to Toledo was pretty bleh. First of all, I had no idea what it was or that it even held any sort of significance. As you can tell, I don´t hold the largest collection on knowledge of history.


On second thought, Toledo was pretty damn cool. The river surrounded the city and it was such a beautiful day (although incredibly windy).


First stop: another unnamed beautiful place. That´s the beauty of always zoning out and blogging a month after the event. Oops. Also, guided tours where you never know what´s happening and can never hear anything and even when you do, you only understand about 2o% of it. Cheers.

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My favorite pastime is taking shots of people from behind. I call this ¨the squad walking the streets of Toledo¨.

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Finally free from the guided tour, we decided to eat and explore a bit. There are never really any real vegan options around small cities like this, so that´s where improvisation comes in. You can almost always ask restaurants to take things out of sub something in its place.

After lunch, it was time to do some yoga. I always want to do yoga poses in front of artsy backdrops. In theory, it sounds pretty cool. It´d help if I knew yoga, though.


Back on the guided tour, reunited with the rest of the group, we came to our last stop: the cathedral. I´d say it was pretty grand.


Just one of the many shots taken inside the cathedral. You can´t really tell by this picture, but it was yuuuuge.


The last leg of the trip. Toledo was such a charming little city, and it´d be an incredible day trip for parents visiting Madrid. I wasn´t (and will never be) the biggest fan of museums and guided tours, but I definitely want to be back and check out the nature and just walk around the city and enjoy the architecture. And also buy some mini swords – that´s a definite bucket list item.