After a late night out (very late for me but normal for Madrileños) and not having something to eat until 2-3 PM, I was pretty hangry, as the kids call it these days. Anything would have sufficed, but of course, I wanted to go try another vegan restaurant! Per recommendation, I decided on Rayen Vegano.


I don’t think I have to say this again, because all of the restaurants and cafes here are cute, but Rayen Vegano was a cute little place. Rayen Vegano values its organic, homemade, and healthy, plant-based food. The waitresses spoke English and offered us a water kefir (similiar to kombucha but more diluted) as we waited for the rest of our party to arrive. I got the ginger lemon flavored one and was a huge fan. It didn’t give me the very acidic, like my stomach is burning feeling after drinking regular booch from the States.

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We started with a English muffin with some olive oil before the appetizer. The bread was a change from the rest of the similiar Italian/French bread that gets served here in Madrid. When the appetizer came, I noticed that this was definitely out of my league. The plates were decorated in small portions, with many foods I didn’t know how to pronounce. Most of us got this salad thing with many foods I didn’t know how to pronounce. One of us got the lentil vegetable soup.

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For the main course, we could choose between a garbanzo rice bowl or this seitan creation (sorry for the lack of knowledge of what was actually in this meal). All of us got the seitan creation, so I can’t speak for the rice bowl… but this felt… exotic. Definitely an interesting experience and a new taste palette. I think there was barley, some beets, a mushroom sauce?, a seitan patty and some cream-ish sauce on top of that. To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan. Everything tasted too fancy for me. This restaurant is definitely for those of you who are classier and have an acquired taste. Not to say the food was bad, but it tasted healthy and I’m much more of a “this is so unhealthy and I hate myself but it’s also so amazing at the same time” kind of girl.

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We topped off the meal with dessert (of course). I got the lemon poppyseed muffin but there were cookies as well.

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“In order to produce 1 kg of meat, you need 100.000 liters of water.”

Maybe we just caught it on a bad menu del día day, but I probably wouldn´t recommend it. Overall, it was just a little too fancy and pricey compared to a lot of other vegan restaurants here in Madrid.