I´ve never been much of a beach vacation sort of person, but a few days in Mallorca with some pretty awesome people changed my mind a little.

Still mountains all the way, though.

We settled into a hostel called Hostal Atlanta situated in El Arenal, about 7 miles away from Palma, after arriving on a late flight. Olly, the guy that works there, welcomed us and basically was the best person ever. Would highly recommend and go back to that hostel just for him.

Also side note: During the off-season, nothing is literally open past 11, so bring/buy snacks or go to the trusty 24 hour kebab and pizza place like we did every day during the trip.


He recommended that we bus into Palma and transfer to go to 3 picturesque towns: first to Valldemossa, then to Deía, and Soller, completing a mini triangle all accessible by bus.

Day 1: 

Our day got off to a little late of a start and we stood at the wrong bus stop for our bus into Palma. Little did we know, the buses to Valldemossa leaves very infrequently, so we had a couple hours to kill before the next one leaves at 3.

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Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca 

We decided to walk the city a bit, ate some snacks and enjoyed the weather in Plaza Mayor, and eventually stumbled upon this cute little French-inspired café called St. Cristo. The prices were really reasonable and we all indulged in the very clean bathroom and soy cappuccinos and fresh-squeezed orange juice for a while.



Soon enough, we left a little earlier to ensure that we wouldn´t miss this next bus into Valldemossa.

Valldemossa, Mallorca 

As picturesque as Olly promised, Valldemossa was a quaint mountain town with people drinking coffees and eating lunch in the outdoor seatings. It was honestly such an amazing time just walking through and taking everything in. It´s a pretty small town, so even directionally-challenged people like me would most likely not get lost. I wished we had more time here, but we still got in a nice hike that showed us a gorgeous panoramic view of the city.

Deía, Mallorca 

When we arrived in Deía, it was already getting pretty late. Our only goal was to find a good spot to see the sunset, and that we did… and a little more.


We were surprised by this little guy on the hunt for a place to see the sunset. Definitely made the experience.

Unfortunately, we didn´t get to go to Soller, but we had a pretty eventful and good first day in Mallorca.

Day 2:

Today was designated to take a beach-side bike ride into Palma. I mean, How amazing does that sound?! You can find rental places all along the shore. The bike rental goes for $5 a day, up until 7 PM.

First, to fuel up.

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We went to this place with outdoor seating right alongside the beach called Café Sol. It was pretty much one of the only breakfast places that was open that looked decent. And decent it was.

The entire bike ride along the shore was magic. We got to see the stretch of 7 mile beach from El Arenal all the way to Palma.


Once we got to Palma, there was only one thing on our mind: GELATO. We just arrived around siesta time, so a lot of stores weren´t open. No ice cream at 2 PM? Great marketing strategy.

We did stumble upon a gem called Amorino, a fancy gelato shop that made your gelato shaped like a flower. 100% a tourist attraction, and I´ve never been so happy. I got the mango, raspberry, and chocolate sorbet and it was one of the best combos/sorbets I´ve ever had. I really don´t get how they make fruit and sugar so creamy!

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Back at El Arenal, and legs pretty much jello, we couldn´t miss our first island sunset. And it was one for the books. Equipped with some lemonade beer, Pringles, and some good company, it was such a great end to the day.

Day 3:

For our last day, and especially after that much longer than anticipated bike ride, we took a relaxing day by the beach. Didn´t do much, yet it was still so nice. And much needed.

The day could be pretty much summed up as:
  • An attempt at studying

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  • Laying on  a beach followed by an impromptu photoshoot

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  • More gelato

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  • And more sunset


Hasta luego, Mallorca. It´s been fun.