First things first, not to give any spoilers or anything, but this place was MAGICAL. From the decor, to all the plants and natural light (perfect for instas, ya know), it was amazing.

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Just as expected from the name of the restaurant, La Hummuseria, the star of the show is hummus. If you happen to be a fan of hummus, great. If not, I don´t think we can be friends.

Just kidding. You can still come and I can eat your hummus 😉

Okay, so a little on how this place works. You can either order hummus and their tapas of the day to share, or you can get the menu, where you get drink + tapa + hummus + dessert.

There were 4 of us, and we all opted to get the menu and choose different types of hummus to share. Each hummus comes with the 2 of the best pita bread you´ll ever taste, not that I´m a huge pita bread connoisseur. Just a fan.

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First off, their iced tea was freaking amazing. Breathtaking. One of the best. Not that I´m an iced tea connoisseur, either.

Everything was better than expected. I mean, as the saying goes, ¨Expect nothing, and you will receive everything¨. My favorite probably had to be the mushroom hummus, as, at this point in my life, I´m pretty much addicted to sauteed mushrooms.

I didn´t take a picture of the desserts, because they were a bit underwhelming. Well, at least the only vegan option was. To this day, I still don´t know exactly what it was… some tahini biscuit cake sugar cube thing? The non-vegan options looked pretty good, though.

La Hummuseria would be an amazing place to take anyone who´s a fan of hummus and Mediterranean food and would enjoy a bangin´sweet iced tea. Also, boys take note: this would be such a cute date place too. Nothing more romantic and sharing a bowl of hummus, am I right?

I´ve only been here once, but this is one of the restaurants where I know I am going to be return. 10/10.