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Eating Vegan in Madrid #6: La Hummuseria

First things first, not to give any spoilers or anything, but this place was MAGICAL. From the decor, to all the plants and natural light (perfect for instas, ya know), it was amazing. Just as expected from the name of... Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan in Madrid #5: Punto Vegano

I have now attempted to go to Punto Vegano twice and failed as they have just reopened after a certain time. That is to say, there was a lot of anticipation to try this cute little place, situated right next... Continue Reading →

Travel Spain: Barcelona

Studying in Spain, my first major trip outside of Madrid was Barcelona. I have a high school friend studying there, and another visiting from Copenhagen. It was basically a mini high school reunion in Europe, as we called it. We... Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan in Madrid #4: Rayen Vegano

After a late night out (very late for me but normal for Madrileños) and not having something to eat until 2-3 PM, I was pretty hangry, as the kids call it these days. Anything would have sufficed, but of course, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan in Madrid #3: El Azul

Today we had our Prado group tour from 12:45-3:00 PM. It was very cool, but needless to say, I was completely tired and starved. You know that feeling when you've been hungry for so long you just stop feeling it?... Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan in Madrid #2: Vega

Orientation and registration was supposed to be today, but since the electricity was out, everything was cancelled. We were already on the metro by the time we received the email, so we decided to go shopping instead! You know, to... Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan in Madrid #1: Oveja Negra

When I had first arrived in Madrid, carne (meat) and cerveza (beer) immediately became my first and only impression. Seeing jamonerías (meat/ham shops) literally on every corner with whole hams hanging in the window didn't help too much either. I'm not... Continue Reading →

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