The Vegan Adventurer

A Fruit Picnic in Retiro Park

With the flight, adjusting to the Madrileño schedule, hours of orientation, going out Friday AND Saturday night all in less than a week, needless to say, I am completely beat. Our señora at the homestay insists that our desayuno be... Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan in Madrid #1: Oveja Negra

When I had first arrived in Madrid, carne (meat) and cerveza (beer) immediately became my first and only impression. Seeing jamonerías (meat/ham shops) literally on every corner with whole hams hanging in the window didn't help too much either. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Madrid Day 1: Settling In

I'm here!!! Some NyQuil, lots of sleep, and a couple of hours later, I finally step foot onto the shiny new soil of Spain. I will spend the next 6 months here, with my whole life stuffed inside a 55L backpack. The... Continue Reading →

Wilderness Diaries: Hiking Indiana’s Knobstone Trail

Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail is one of the many illusive dreams I have that I want to accomplish at least once during my lifetime. Some people call it a bucket list. Being in college, we don't get many breaks, so... Continue Reading →

The Vegan College Student Grocery List

One of the questions I get asked most about going vegan is probably, "What do you eat?" People generally think that eating vegan is both more expensive and more time-consuming. This lazy and cheap college student is going to prove... Continue Reading →

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