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Eating Vegan in Madrid #2: Vega

Orientation and registration was supposed to be today, but since the electricity was out, everything was cancelled. We were already on the metro by the time we received the email, so we decided to go shopping instead! You know, to... Continue Reading →

A Fruit Picnic in Retiro Park

With the flight, adjusting to the Madrileño schedule, hours of orientation, going out Friday AND Saturday night all in less than a week, needless to say, I am completely beat. Our señora at the homestay insists that our desayuno be... Continue Reading →

Eating Vegan in Madrid #1: Oveja Negra

When I had first arrived in Madrid, carne (meat) and cerveza (beer) immediately became my first and only impression. Seeing jamonerías (meat/ham shops) literally on every corner with whole hams hanging in the window didn't help too much either. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Madrid Day 1: Settling In

I'm here!!! Some NyQuil, lots of sleep, and a couple of hours later, I finally step foot onto the shiny new soil of Spain. I will spend the next 6 months here, with my whole life stuffed inside a 55L backpack. The... Continue Reading →

Wilderness Diaries: Hiking Indiana’s Knobstone Trail

Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail is one of the many illusive dreams I have that I want to accomplish at least once during my lifetime. Some people call it a bucket list. Being in college, we don't get many breaks, so... Continue Reading →

The Vegan College Student Grocery List

One of the questions I get asked most about going vegan is probably, "What do you eat?" People generally think that eating vegan is both more expensive and more time-consuming. This lazy and cheap college student is going to prove... Continue Reading →

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